Our Exciting New Course

Discover the delicious world of cultured cheeses!

  • Advanced Recipes

    Unlock advanced cheese making recipes and skills, such as aging, and produce your own mould ripened cheeses at home

  • Fermentation

    Everything you need to know about fermentation is covered, including making your own starter culture + using it in a variety of recipes

  • Support + Guidance

    Each recipe has it's own video, recipe handout and extra troubleshooting tips. Plus there's extra guidance available via our private KindAcademy community.

Tasty New Cheeses

Make your own beautiful cheeseboard from scratch!

Recipes included in the course are: ~ Brie ~ Creamy Blue ~ Hard Smoked Cheddar ~ Garlic + Herb Roule ~ Truffle Shaped Cheese ~ Cultured Cream Cheese ~ Making Cultures

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Volume Two

    2. Introduction to Culturing + Fermenting

    3. Equipment + Ageing

    4. Course Information

    5. Troubleshooting and tips!

    6. Ingredients, Equipment + Stockists

    7. Further Course Information

    1. Rejuvelac Recipe

    2. Rejuvelac Recipe + Notes

    1. Cultured Cream Cheese Video

    2. Cultured Cream Cheese Recipe + Notes

    1. Garlic + Herb Roule Video

    2. Garlic + Herb Roule Recipe + Notes

    1. Truffle Shaped Cheese Video

    2. Truffle Shaped Cheese Recipe + Notes

    1. Smoked Cheddar Video

    2. Smoked Cheddar Recipe + Notes

About this course

  • £79.00
  • 22 lessons


I've covered the most commonly asked questions below, however if your query isn't answered below please do get in touch with me directly

  • Will I need any specialist equipment?

    You'll need a high speed blender and a food processor for these recipes. Other than that you can use lots of items that you might already have such as tupperware containers. A small round tin and a silicone mould are useful but you can mostly try using items you already own.

  • What kind of ingredients will I be using?

    We'll be using nuts, mostly cashews, as a base for the cheeses, and all of the other ingredients are relatively easy to get hold of. Where ingredient substitutions are available, they'll be listed on the recipe notes. For the brie and blue cheeses you'll need the specific cheese cultures, which can be bought online. A list of recommended suppliers will be included.

  • Are the recipes complicated?

    The recipes are all very straightforward to follow and take a range of time from a few days to a few weeks. Where possible I have included ways to adapt the recipes to make them simpler or more complex, so there are lots of different options to suit different levels.

  • I'm worried about making fermented foods at home - is it safe?

    It is completely safe to make and consume fermented foods at home, providing you follow the simple guidelines regarding sanitising and storage, which is covered in the course. I'll talk you through what signs to look for to know your cheese is fermenting properly, and how to tell if anything has gone wrong. There will be lots of help along the way and I'll be on hand to answer any questions you have.

  • Do I need to complete KindAcademy Volume One first to take this course?

    If you're new to making vegan cheese then Volume One is absolutely the best starting point, as it teaches you all the foundation knowledge for making dairy free cheese, as well as 10 quick + delicious cheese recipes! However if you're already confident in your vegan cheesemaking skills, then you can dive right in to Volume Two.

  • What sort of experience level is this course? I'd like to try some very advanced recipes

    I'd describe Volume Two as an intermediate course, it's not for total beginners (Volume One would be a great course to do first), but it's definitely an entry level course designed for people who have never made fermented recipes before. It doesn't feature extremely advanced recipes, they are on the "quicker" end of cultured, mould ripened cheeses. I'd definitely be open to offering a more advanced course in the future :)

Your Teacher

Founder of Kinda Co. + KindAcademy Ellie Brown

Founder of Kinda Co., KindAcademy and generally obsessed with all things vegan cheese! I've been making my own vegan cheese for years, first at home and now through my business Kinda Co., and I love sharing how easy and delicious it can be!

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