Our Classic Course

The perfect introduction to making your own dairy free cheese

  • 10 Delicious Cheeses

    From a Cheddar to a Mozzarella, a Feta to a Baked Camembert, and even a Lemon Cheesecake - you'll learn ten quick and easy cheese recipes.

  • Step by Step Lessons

    Each recipe comes with it's own video and recipe card to show you exactly how to recreate the cheeses for yourself!

  • Versatile Recipes

    Make cheeses exactly the way you like them with easy tips on how to customise the recipes to suit your own taste.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Letter

    2. Ingredients + Equipment List

    1. Welcome to KindAcademy!

    2. Vegan Cheese: The Good, The Bad + The Plastic

    3. Ingredients: What we'll be using + how to add that cheesy flavour

    4. Equipment: What you'll need and how to use it

    5. Methods + General Cheesemaking Tips

    1. Parmesan Recipe Video

    2. Parmesan Recipe Card

    1. Cream Cheese Recipe Video

    2. Cream Cheese Recipe Card

    1. Fondue Recipe Video

    2. Fondue Recipe Card

    1. Ricotta Recipe Video

    2. Ricotta Recipe Card

About this course

  • £99.00
  • 28 lessons

Your Teacher

Founder of Kinda Co. + KindAcademy Ellie Brown

Founder of Kinda Co., KindAcademy and generally obsessed with all things vegan cheese! I've been making my own vegan cheese for years, first at home and now through my business Kinda Co., and I love sharing how easy and delicious it can be!